This AI is a virtual sixth sense for ecologists in wildlife

Jun 07, 2018, 8:23 AM EDT
(Source: Pacific Southwest Region 5/flickr)
(Source: Pacific Southwest Region 5/flickr)

Invariably, all wildlife researches are rooted to one practice – setting up motion-capture cameras in the woods, recording all activities and then assessing the mind-boggling amount of data to discover patterns of animal behavior. For human ecologists, this is an unwieldy process but an artificial intelligence program can make the job easier.

A new AI system automates the entire process and can identify 48 different animal species in addition to pinpointing the act of an animal in a photo, notes Futurism.

The algorithm, trained on millions of photos earlier tagged by volunteer citizen scientists, performed at par with humans delivering 96.6 percent accuracy in classification, reports Venture Beat.