Europe is a slowcoach in artificial intelligence race

Jun 07, 2018, 8:12 AM EDT
(Source: A Health Blog/flickr)
(Source: A Health Blog/flickr)

Europe is far trailing the rest of the world, particularly China and the U.S., when it comes to research, development and deployment of artificial intelligence systems, with its expenditure of $3bn-$4bn on this technology in 2016 being only a small fraction of other’s spending.

While some isolated, piecemeal efforts, for example by French President Emmanuel Macron, and the European Commission, have tried catching-up in the race, the lack of competitors to giants like Google, Apple and Tencent in the region hurts their cause, notes Financial Times.

In a move to bridge Europe’s investment gap in digital technologies and to fuel the spread of AI and supercomputing across the region, the E.U. is pumping €9.2 billion in a dedicated funding program, writes Science Business.