U.S.’ hush-hush AI plan to detect nuke missiles

Jun 06, 2018, 9:01 AM EDT
(Source: SoulRider.222/flickr)
(Source: SoulRider.222/flickr)

A research program deeply shrouded in secrecy is underway in the Pentagon as the U.S. military explores the development of AI-powered systems that can pre-empt the launch of nuclear-capable missiles.

Capable of independent thinking, these AI systems would glean mammoth amounts of data, including satellite imagery, to pick up early signs of a potential missile launch, with a speed and accuracy far beyond that of humans, notes Reuters.

The Trump administration’s proposal to treble the spending on one of the AI-driven missile programs to $83 million in next year’s budget signals that the U.S. seeks to cover all the bases amid looming threat from North Korea and a hostile Russia, reports The Epoch Times.