Your brainwaves decide the course of this movie

May 28, 2018, 8:45 AM EDT
(Source: Army Medicine/flickr)
(Source: Army Medicine/flickr)

How often the poignant journey of a protagonist in a movie makes us wish if we could make any difference to cut short their plight? “The Moment” by Richard Ramchurn doesn’t actually achieve this but hands you a certain degree of control over the running movie with just your brainwaves.

The scenes, music, and animation in the 27-minute film change every time you watch it depending on the electrical activity in your brain, which is detected by EEG headsets, notes MIT Technology Review.

Artist and director Ramchurn’s idea puts a single viewer in-charge of the movie but he dreams of a more collaborative model where multiple viewers mold one or the other element of the film simultaneously, notes Popular Mechanics.