Colombia’s divisive runoff puts peace deal in peril

May 28, 2018, 7:59 AM EDT
Presidential candidate Ivan Duque is fierce critic of the 2016 peace deal with the Farc rebels.
(Source: Inter-American Dialogue/flickr)

A fiercely divisive showdown between right-winger Ivan Duque and leftist Gustavo Petro could decide the fate of a historic peace deal with the Farc rebels as Colombia votes in the presidential runoff.

The fact that a leftist candidate has cruised to the second round of the presidential vote has left investors on edge in Latin America’s fourth-largest economy, writes Reuters.

Duque, who planked his election campaign on market-friendly economics, has been a strong critic of the landmark peace accord with rebels and has pledged to scrap immunity for those convicted of crimes, reports The Guardian.