Self-driving cars learn to switch lanes like humans

May 25, 2018, 8:04 AM EDT
(Source: Damian Morys/flickr)
(Source: Damian Morys/flickr)

Ever since a self-driving car was involved in a fatal road accident, the deep-rooted skepticism over their driving prowess isn’t fading. A new algorithm by MIT might be able to change that as it teaches autonomous vehicles to change lanes just like real drivers do with a keen eye on safety of course.

Apparently, the ability to change lanes may seem trivial but that’s one thing autonomous vehicles would be required to learn to coexist with humans in harmony with their driving patterns, writes Engadget.

The new algorithm speeds up car’s decision making in real time by passing less data on the go, limiting “buffer zones” around the vehicle, which can then drive aggressively or in conservative fashion, reports Interesting Engineering.