N. Korea still open to talks after Trump calls off summit

May 25, 2018, 7:21 AM EDT
Pyongyang's response seeks to portray N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un as "a responsible statesman."
(Source: Nazrul Islam/flickr)

North Korea has said it is still willing to give time and opportunity to the U.S. to hold face-to-face talks even after President Donald Trump abruptly cancelled a planned summit with its leader Kim Jong-un on Thursday.

North Korea’s vice foreign minister Kim Kye-gwan issued a statement expressing regret over Washington’s decision to pull out of the talks in Singapore as it left doors open for future negotiations to resolve hostilities between the two states, notes Reuters.

Pyongyang’s response is an attempt to put the blame for the collapse of the proposed talks squarely on the U.S. while portraying the development as an erratic Trump versus statesman Kim, writes The Guardian.