Children are as intuitive about ownership as adults

May 23, 2018, 8:30 AM EDT
(Source: Joris Louwes/flickr)
(Source: Joris Louwes/flickr)

A study at the University of Waterloo has found that kids as young as age three show same levels of intuition as adults in judging who owns an object based on its location and even without seeing anyone interacting with that item.

This sense of judgment in kids prevailed even when the owner, in the experiments, move away from the objects, thus pointing that children’s intuition wasn’t just an inference drawn from the proximity of the person, notes Medical Xpress.

According to Ori Friedman, co-author and professor of psychology, the study hints that our psychology shapes our culture and laws rather than experts forming the frameworks and passing them on to the society, reports Science Daily.

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