AI to give $182bn boost to U.A.E.’s economy by 2035

May 22, 2018, 8:27 AM EDT
(Source: Panoramas/flickr)
(Source: Panoramas/flickr)

According to a new report by global consulting services firm, Accenture, artificial intelligence is set to add $182 billion to the U.A.E.’s economy by 2035, and could steer the country on the path of “unparalleled” future growth that isn’t entirely dependent on oil.

The financial sector, which is estimated to see gains of $37 billion, will be the biggest beneficiary given that AI and machine learning can dramatically augment many of the jobs in this area, notes The National.

Globally, the AI technology could raise profitability by 38 percent, adding another $14 trillion to the world economy by 2035, reports Arabian Business.