Memories leave a unique genetic mark on brain

May 22, 2018, 8:26 AM EDT
(Source: Taylor Maley/flickr)
(Source: Taylor Maley/flickr)

A breakthrough study by researchers at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem has found that our memories leave a clear and unique genetic mark on our brains, which can be decoded even after the death of the subject to get a peek into the events just before the demise.

The results of the experiments, conducted on mice, found that different experiences create different changes in gene activity in their brains, and these expressions can be used to record and replay the memories in recently deceased, writes Daily Star.

Clea Warburton at the University of Bristol calls the discovery a “fascinating proposal” as it opens the door for a future where investigators might turn to this technology to unlock a dead victim’s memories to nail the criminals, notes Mail Online.

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