Researchers transplant one snail’s memory into another

May 16, 2018, 7:52 AM EDT
(Source: Juan Carlos De Martin/flickr)
(Source: Juan Carlos De Martin/flickr)

Memory transplantation has been the holy grail of medical science, and it appears the researchers are on the verge of turning the idea into reality. In a breakthrough that could provide new insights into the physical basis of memory, scientists have transplanted memory of one snail into another.

The outcome of the experiment defies traditional neuroscience as it reveals how parts of memory trace are stored in RNA, an organism’s genetic machinery, rather than in the connectivity of brain cells, notes The Guardian.

The work, however, lacks widespread acceptance with a section of experts refusing to acknowledge the process as a “memory transfer.” The team involved the world’s first “memory transplant” regards it as a step towards fighting Alzheimer's or post traumatic stress disorder, writes the BBC.

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