Microsoft says AI tech is facing a huge talent gap

May 15, 2018, 8:16 AM EDT
(Source: Learntek/flickr)
(Source: Learntek/flickr)

Artificial Intelligence streams virtually in every part of our daily lives from smartphones and digital assistants at home to music composers and even robot writers in the business world. However, the relative nascent nature of this technology poses a challenge – a dearth of skills to meet the growing array of diverse demands.

Group Programme manager of Microsoft Learning, Matt Winkler, stressed the need to bring AI to more developers to make the technology more accessible, the key to plugging the talent gap, notes Economic Times.

According to a poll by EY conducted at the EmTech Digital Conference, a shortage of AI skills is holding back enterprises from adoption of the technology, tracking progress of existing AI programs, and in devising scalable AI strategy, writes