Female Afghan coders take on opium, inequality

May 09, 2018, 8:07 AM EDT
(Source: nigelpepper/flickr)
(Source: nigelpepper/flickr)

The first generation of female coders in Afghanistan is turning the tide against the dual scourge of inequality and opium cultivation in the country with their computer expertise.

At an institute, Code to Inspire, a group of Afghan girl coders has designed a 2D game, showing in a fun and engaging way how the drug cultivation and trade in the country keeps the security force on the edge, notes Reuters.

The girls venturing into the territory of software development neck and neck with male colleagues or even remotely at their homes is an inspirational story for other Afghan females, who have long been shackled by deep-rooted, regressive and patriarchal codes of the Taliban, reports Khaleej Times.