Seems as if your genomic profile is already hacked!

May 07, 2018, 7:40 AM EDT
(Source: Patrik Nygren/flickr)
(Source: Patrik Nygren/flickr)

The recent arrest of a serial rapist and killer with the use of a little-known genealogical website in California brings more anxiety than reprieve. The fact that investigators set up a fake account on the ancestry site to match a DNA-sample with the genetic profiles saved on the platform shows that our genetic privacy may have been already compromised.

Tomorrow, it won’t come as a surprise if a company, with access to any of your distant relative’s DNA data, is caught selling "risk profiling" services to third parties, writes Live Science.

Although genome testing companies sell anonymized genomic data, the process of identifying an individual from their genetic profile is straight-forward, reports The Conversation.