Johnson urges Trump not to scrap Iran nuke deal

May 07, 2018, 7:29 AM EDT
U.K. Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, said pulling out of the accord would be a mistake.
(Source: EU2017EE Estonian Presidency/flickr)

U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, on a two-day state visit to the U.S., has urged President Donald Trump not to scrap the Iran nuclear deal, adding that walking away from the international agreement would be a mistake.

Johnson is in Washington as part of a broader drive to persuade Trump to retain the accord, which U.S. President has described as “insane,” writes the BBC. Johnson admitted the weaknesses in the Iran deal, assuring that they can be remedied over time.

France and Germany have already lobbied in favor of the 2015 Iran deal, which they view as the only way to restraint Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, notes The Guardian. Iran has already warned that it won’t renegotiate the pact, which Trump believes is too lenient.