Putin sworn in as Russia’s president for fourth term

May 07, 2018, 7:18 AM EDT
Russian President Vladimir Putin has been at the helm of the country's politics for 18 years.
(Source: лексей М/flickr)

Vladimir Putin, who has been at the helm of Russian politics for last 18 years, was sworn in as the country’s president for the fourth term on Monday following a thumping victory in the elections in March.

Protests across 90 cities in the country preceded Putin’s swearing-in ceremony with about 1,000 demonstrators arrested, notes the BBC. Putin’s opponents accuse the leader of “managing democracy” and muzzling the voice of opposition to cling on to the power indefinitely.

Putin, ranked as the world’s most powerful person for four consecutive years by Forbes, pledged a significant rise in the citizens' real income in the next few years, writes Al Jazeera.