Building “green” fashion of future with mushroom leather

May 04, 2018, 3:34 AM EDT
(Source: Bernard DUPONT/flickr)
(Source: Bernard DUPONT/flickr)

Fast fashion is unforgiving on our environment and even “circularity” by means of recycling can’t tackle the problem alone. A new way for sustainable fashion is being proposed by a California-based company, called Bolt Threads, which touts mushroom leather and synthetic spider silk as the textiles of future.

The company has engineered an eco-friendly material, named Microsilk, which is primarily a synthetic spider silk, produced without spiders, an approach that makes apparel manufacturing better and more sustainable for the planet, writes Seeker.

Similarly, a leather-like material bioengineered from mushroom proteins, offers an innovative textile option for “green” fashion of the future.