“Farm-to-table 2.0” cooking in chefs’ kitchens

May 04, 2018, 3:02 AM EDT
(Source: Maryland GovPics/flickr)
(Source: Maryland GovPics/flickr)

Chefs are giving a new twist to the “farm-to-table” trend as they head to farmlands or even set up their own farms, dishing out menus in greater harmony with seasonal offerings with whatever the farmers have to sell.

This new evolution of “farm-to-table” respects and responds to the “quirks and vicissitudes of an actual farm” rather than just putting some locally grown produce on the menu, notes Tree Hugger.

The trend addresses food waste and extends “long-term, unconditional support to farmers,” letting them freely grow less profitable, seasonal crops than just cowing down to pressures of feeding tables with aesthetic stuff.