Like humans, future AI may hallucinate, feel low

May 02, 2018, 6:52 AM EDT
(Source: Yann Gar/flickr)
(Source: Yann Gar/flickr)

The mighty artificial intelligence could become more human in future but not without its side effects, opines Zachary Mainen, a neuroscientist at a research institute in Lisbon.

Speaking at a symposium, called Canonical Computations in Brains and Machines, in New York City, Mainen said the experiments to load up AI with a hormone-like system has consequences of passing human weaknesses like hallucinations or even depression to machines, writes The Next Web.

Discussing the overlaps in the way humans and machines think, the neuroscientist speculated that robots may have emotions in future, which may go wrong if the triggering system – an equivalent of serotonin in humans – misbehaves, leaving the machine feeling low, notes Science.