Liquid “umbrella” shields coral reefs against UV rays

May 01, 2018, 7:51 AM EDT
(Source: NOAA Photo Library/flickr)
(Source: NOAA Photo Library/flickr)

Coral reefs, under stress from extreme bleaching, now have a weapon against intense UV and visible light exposure in the form of a liquid “umbrella” that reflects and scatters 20 percent of incident sunrays.

The liquid is indeed a formulation of a natural lipid and calcium carbonate, a key component of coral reefs, which can be sprayed on to these marine organisms ahead of hot days, guarding them against acute vulnerabilities, notes Inhabitat.

Researchers, however, caution that the idea is a stopgap solution for temporary conditions concentrated in smaller, local area and not to protect the thousands of kilometers of Great Barrier Reef.