“Bad citizens” aren’t allowed on Chinese planes, trains

May 01, 2018, 7:32 AM EDT
(Source: Max Talbot-Minkin/flickr)
(Source: Max Talbot-Minkin/flickr)

In China, Karma will hound you! The country is testing “Social Credit Scoring System,” which has already blocked 12 million “bad citizens” from boarding trains or planes for their uncivil behavior or flouting social norms and rules.

The credit system covers the whole society as it tracks every Chinese citizen for their good or bad behavior and actions, compiling the data from public and private sources in searchable files, and assigning a positive or negative score, notes Fanatical Futurist.

The rating system sounds alarms for privacy activists, who fear the system, in its full swing in 2020, will also record users’ online behavior to assess their political leanings, writes The Telegraph.