AI is the answer to shortage of doctors in China

May 01, 2018, 7:08 AM EDT
(Source: Kristoffer Trolle/flickr)
(Source: Kristoffer Trolle/flickr)

Delivering healthcare services to China’s entire population of 1.3 billion is an unwieldy task, with the country facing a perennial shortage of medics. To fix the problem, China is taking rapid strides towards automating its healthcare sector with artificial intelligence tools just the way the U.S. and Europe have embraced the new technologies.

As the beginning of China’s grand plan to embrace AI by 2020, a hospital in Beijing will speed up screening process by running all lung scans through an AI algorithm, notes MIT Technology Review.

With China’s AI healthcare services estimated at 5.9 billion yuan ($930 million) in 2022, tech giants like Alibaba and Tencent are moving quickly to develop AI diagnostic tools.