Walls of future will have “smart” ears and senses

Apr 26, 2018, 7:56 AM EDT
(Source: Angelo Gargano/flickr)
(Source: Angelo Gargano/flickr)

Technology is on the verge of transforming the old adage – Walls have ears – from figurative to verbatim. When everything around is connected to the internet, why should walls be isolated from this networked, smart world – that’s the idea that led researchers from the Carnegie Mellon University to turn those “dumb” walls into gigantic touchpad.

The walls, covered in a conductive, water-based paint, catch “airborne electromagnetic noise” to track a user’s touch and gestures, notes Futurism.

The idea offers a great way to create smarter environments without aesthetically obtrusive devices and sensors stuck everywhere around, reports Digital Trends.