Study: China’s climate policy could fund itself

Apr 24, 2018, 7:33 AM EDT
(Source: Peter Rosbjerg/flickr)
(Source: Peter Rosbjerg/flickr)

China could save $339 billion in the healthcare sector by the year 2030 if it cuts down carbon dioxide emissions by four percent, an amount which is nearly four times the sum the country needs to spend to achieve this climate goal.

A new MIT report claims that China’s efforts to combat emissions would not only improve its environment but benefit the society economically as healthcare expenses related to poor air quality see a sharp decline, notes Inhabitat.

The study employed a complex model to gauge what impact a given climate policy leaves on a province’s economic activity, carbon emissions, energy use and air pollutants and overlaid the data to derive the economic value of the number of deaths in a no-policy scenario, writes MIT News.