Shutting up climate change deniers with refashioned T-shirts

Apr 23, 2018, 7:57 AM EDT
(Source: thredUP/
(Source: thredUP/

Clothing resale site thredUP is using savage wit and humor as new tools to shut up climate change deniers. The company has roped in 12 artists, from cartoonists to meme creators, who respond in their quirky ways to the one-liner “Climate change isn’t real,” with their messages printed on a collection of 1,000 refashioned T-shirts.

Sporting a T-shirt that busts climate myths and silences skeptics is easier, effective and more practical than citing studies and locking horns with deniers, reports Green Matters.

Beneath the slogans and messages, runs the deeper message appealing buyers to refrain from fast fashion in favor of circular fashion, which is less stressful and degrading on natural resources and the environment.

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