Trump vows “forceful” action over Syria “chemical attack”

Apr 10, 2018, 7:17 AM EDT
President Donald Trump's remarks follow a U.S.-Russia showdown at the U.N.
(Source: Gage Skidmore/flickr)

In a meeting with military leaders and national security advisers, U.S. President Donald Trump vowed a swift and “forceful” response to alleged chemical attack in Syria, which left nearly 60 people dead and 1,000 others injured on Saturday.

Trump’s comments mirror the harsh tone and condemnation from the Western world, including the U.K. and France, which have railed against the Syrian regime and its backers for the “barbaric” chemical attack in Douma, reports the BBC.

Russia, which blamed Western-backed rebels for the assault in Douma, threatened “grave repercussions” should the U.S. opt for military action in Syria, writes The Guardian.