Antarctica’s first harvest is good news for spacefarers

Apr 09, 2018, 7:36 AM EDT
(Source: Andreas Kambanis/flickr)
(Source: Andreas Kambanis/flickr)

In their quest to someday grow food on Mars or the Moon, a group of German scientists spent last few months braving the freezing temperatures of Antarctica, toiling hard to produce vegetables in soilless, sunless conditions, and now their efforts are bearing the fruits.

As part of the experimental project, the German Aerospace Center DLR and gardener Paul Zabel have harvested salad greens, cucumbers and radishes in a greenhouse featuring a closed-loop water cycle and custom LED system, writes Green Matters.

The project demonstrates self-sufficient plant breeding in rough, hostile climate and isolation, a technique that would come handy during missions in outer space, notes Design Boom.