AI rehashes news stories to suit political leanings

Apr 05, 2018, 7:48 AM EDT
(Source: dulnan/flickr)
(Source: dulnan/flickr)

As media gatekeepers push more and more personalized news stories tailored to fit in with the political tastes of different segments of readers, a delusionary, biased echo chamber deprives the audience of balance perspectives. This is the problem, a team of Stanford-trained artificial intelligence experts and a media-savvy entrepreneur, seeks to address through artificial intelligence.

Nathaniel Barling owns and runs a website, called Knowhere, which uses machine learning tools to glean the day’s biggest stories from various media outlets, rewriting them in three versions that present left, impartial, and right-leaning versions of each.

Barling claims that the technology identifies and omits the distortion of facts, presenting different narratives around a story and allowing readers to form informed opinions, notes Digital Trends.