Can congestion pricing unclog busy city roads?

Apr 05, 2018, 7:28 AM EDT
(Source: joiseyshowaa/flickr)
(Source: joiseyshowaa/flickr)

Paralyzed roads with vehicles spitting gobs of emissions and commuters dragging at snail pace - the story is common in almost all the metropolitans across the world. Traffic congestions hurt environment, economy and more importantly, peace of mind.

Congestion pricing – charging vehicles a set price to enter busy areas – could be the remedy to unclog the roads and cut emissions, and American cities like New York City, Portland and Oregon are already exploring the idea, notes Futurism.

Congestion pricing, also called cordon tolling, discourages rush-hour traffic while the revenue generated could be pumped to projects for improving cities’ transit services and to set up electric transportation infrastructure, notes The Seattle Times.