This AI cleans up your social media profile as you job-hunt

Apr 03, 2018, 4:50 AM EDT
(Source: ijclark/flickr)
(Source: ijclark/flickr)

A candid post with some “strong language” or slangs or an inappropriate image posted on Facebook or Twitter five years back may thwart your chances of landing a coveted job, given that seventy percent of employers are using social media to screen candidates.

BrandYourself, an AI-powered online platform, digs into your social media posts, search engine results, images and video content, flagging the material that’s potentially damaging to your reputation and recommending you to take it off.

The service, costing an annual fee of $99, presents the best of your personality, professionalism, and overall brand by ferreting out negative content circling out there in public space, writes Fast Company.