3D-printed home, built in 24 hours, a godsend for homeless

Apr 03, 2018, 4:43 AM EDT
(Source: https://newstorycharity.org/3d-home/)
(Source: https://newstorycharity.org/3d-home/)

New Story, a non-profit specializing in global housing issues, and Icon, an innovative building solutions firm, have collaborated to build low-cost dwellings that can be 3D-printed within 24 hours, a breakthrough that promises to revolutionize the lives of 1billion homeless people globally.

A single-story 650-square-foot house currently costs $10,000 but the makers plan to cut it down to $4,000, notes The Verge. The effort is a brilliant example of innovation serving the greatest social good instead of just benefitting the high-end, for-profit segment.

These 3D-printed homes are not only a potent solution to tackling homelessness and poverty but mark a prominent and progressive shift in architecture, writes Design Boom.