U.S. museums to drive out “fear” of climate issues

Apr 03, 2018, 4:18 AM EDT
(Source: Chanze photo a r t/flickr)
(Source: Chanze photo a r t/flickr)

The strategy of encouraging climate action by circulating stories of fear, gloom and conflicts is backfiring, propelling the generation into a dystopian mindset, according to the experts at San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences (Cal Academy).

The team proposes a three-pronged program, called Planet Vision, which will, with the help of museums, inspire people to shun their fears of climate change and instead take meaningful action, writes Earther.

Citing a November 2016 study out of Yale “Global Warming’s Six Americas,” experts claim that 70 percent of Americans can be convinced for positive action if the environmental issues are reframed by eliminating the fear that surrounds the conversation.