Sierra Leone blockchain election beyond the hype

Mar 29, 2018, 7:58 AM EDT
(Source: justgrimes/flickr)
(Source: justgrimes/flickr)

Sierra Leone, probably created an elite club on March 7, after hosting the “world’s first blockchain-based elections,” a claim many shrug off as an exaggeration meant only to benefit the Switzerland-based project, called Agora, which created the system.

Despite a shaky debut in the country’s presidential election, the blockchain technology promises potential benefits and could play an active role in future polls across the world, notes Fast Company.

The election in Sierra Leone was just a test of the technology and not a full-throttled implementation, as many media reports projected it to be, writes Pacific Standard. To assume that the Western-developed technologies would be a panacea in addressing voting challenges in poor countries would be a misplaced notion.

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