Why forego your social media when you can turn it into art?

Mar 28, 2018, 7:58 AM EDT
(Source: Book Catalog/flickr)
(Source: Book Catalog/flickr)

A rare, stormy phase for Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica data scandal saw several hashtags propping up, urging users to forego their social media accounts for sake of their online privacy.

Artist and technologist, Ben Grosser, sees social media platforms as spaces of experimentation, not meant only to treat users as consumers of “fixed” patterns but as places where unexpected actions can be tested, writes Fast Company.

For example, Grosser last year posted a message on Facebook, urging friends to make it next year’s memory, and not surprisingly, everyone came up with comments like “congratulations!” or “condolences.” The response shows how the space was used as an experiment lab and how users displayed their ingrained understanding of what social media bots promote in feeds.