Startup redesigns veggies to please your taste buds

Mar 27, 2018, 7:57 AM EDT
(Source: LID/flickr)
(Source: LID/flickr)

A team of chefs at Row 7 is collaborating with seed breeders to redesign vegetables that are more flavorsome than their natural versions, an experiment the startup believes can change the culture of eating along with addressing issues such as spoilage.

Presently, the industry emphasizes primarily on achieving longer shelf-lives for veggies, which comes at the cost of taste, but Row 7 wants to make up for this loss in advance with its better tasting crops, notes Green Matters.

For chefs, who work with less-than-ideal ingredients at their disposal, this redesigning of crops offers a new opportunity to restructure the whole process of food creation rather than just adapting to what is available to them for better taste, writes Fast Company.