Meet the champion of “rent-your-wardrobe” movement

Mar 22, 2018, 8:08 AM EDT
Christine Hunsicker, founder Gwynnie Bee

Studies reveal that one out of every four items of clothing in our closet goes unworn, lying there isolated, filling the owner with a pinching guilt at every sight. Fashion entrepreneur Christine Hunsicker is championing the “rent-your-wardrobe” movement, with Gwynnie Bee, a subscription clothing service for women size 0 to 32.

The model is simple; a woman can pick one or more items online, wear them any number of times and then return them, writes Fast Company.

The sharing approach that resonates with millennials resembles the subscription models of Netflix and Spotify, which give users unlimited access to content for a fixed price. This sort of clothing rental business lets people derive more value from an asset.