A sneak peak at Norway’s “City of the Future”

Mar 19, 2018, 7:20 AM EDT
(Source: Haptic Architects/Nordic Office of Architecture)
(Source: Haptic Architects/Nordic Office of Architecture)

A city driven only by renewable energy produced within its own boundaries, decked with auto-lighting, featuring “smart” waste tech and running on driverless cars with a high degree of walkability for inhabitants – that’s what a new sustainable “City of the Future” in Oslo, Norway would look and feel like.

The project by Haptic Architects and the Nordic Office of Architecture will take nearly 30 years for completion.

The city, planned next to Oslo Airport, will be an amalgamation of the latest technologies and robust city planning strategies, keeping residents just five minute away from public transport in the vicinity of a car-free city center, notes The Urban Developer.