Study: AI growth to prop up new forms of cybercrime

Mar 13, 2018, 5:17 AM EDT
(Source: Blogtrepreneur/flickr)
(Source: Blogtrepreneur/flickr)

A report, entitled The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence, rings alarm bells about a dystopian future where this fast-paced technology could end up in wrong hands turning drones into missiles, circulating fake videos to mould public opinion and to carry out automated hacking.

The report calls on policy-makers, governments and researchers to join hands to mitigate potential abuse of AI by rogue states, criminals and terrorists, writes the BBC.

While the report admits that AI is the best defense against AI, it advocates a robust framework of policies and systems that are “less-AI infused” so as to protect the world beyond the digital domain, notes The Guardian.