This room heater doubles up as cryptocurrency miner

Mar 12, 2018, 8:28 AM EDT
Quarnot QC1 heater
(Source: Quarnot/

Heating up your room can now yield some extra cash – that’s exactly what French startup Quarnot’s new heater is designed for. QC1 heater is a sleek device, loaded with two graphics cards that passively mine cryptocurrencies, producing a tremendous amount of heat.

The machine, controlled via an app, qualifies as both – a heater that passively mines cryptocurrency or a computer that passively heats your room space, notes Design Boom.

Even though the idea of putting problematic amounts of heat generated in cryptocurrency mining to a good use sounds great, the machine retails for $3,600, which doesn’t really justify its limitations such as the absence of a hard drive or an operating system, notes Digital Trends.

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