How long will “Common Sense” elude AI tech?

Mar 12, 2018, 8:04 AM EDT
(Source: A Health Blog/flickr)
(Source: A Health Blog/flickr)

Every attempt to impart “Common Sense” to artificial intelligence has met its Waterloo. While the vagueness of the field remains a headache for the researchers, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is ramping up efforts by pumping in $125 million into his nonprofit computer lab to learn how to teach common sense to AI.

Researchers have been trying varying techniques to put ordinary common sense in AI from mimicking how children develop this ability to making a human label everything for the program, but to no avail, writes Futurism.

Allen is funding a special “Project Alexandria” that will set a baseline to measure common sense by integrating research on machine reasoning and computer vision, reports Sci-Tech Today.