Trump & Kim Jong-un to hold “miracle” meeting in May

Mar 09, 2018, 6:04 AM EST
U.S. administration credited the positive development on President Donald Trump's policy of "maximum pressure."
(Source: BipHoo Company/flickr)

In a miraculous turn of events, U.S. President Donald Trump has accepted an invitation to hold the first-ever meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un after the officials from the South relayed the offer along with the message that Pyongyang is “committed to denuclearization.”

For South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in, who called the news a “miracle,” the talks could be a huge gamble, with chances that things may go awry or he may find himself on track to win a Nobel Peace Prize if the dialogue retracts the North from a threatening nuclear path, notes the BBC.

North Korea’s ambassador to the U.N. lauded Kim Jong-un’s “broadminded” decision while the U.S. administration credited the positive development to Trump’s policy of “maximum pressure,” writes The Guardian.