Eco-Gym draws its power from your workout

Mar 06, 2018, 6:49 AM EST
(Source: Casa Velas Hotel/flickr)
(Source: Casa Velas Hotel/flickr)

Eco Gym, a new green fitness center in Rochester, New York, is helping its members shed those extra kilos while tapping their workout energy to generate electricity for powering its facility.

The gym, part of an art gallery and science center “Imaginarium,” relies on micro-inverter technology to convert human energy into utility-grade electricity, which is eventually coupled with power generated by a 26-kilowatt rooftop solar PV system to run the entire building, notes Green Matters.

The effort underscores how fitness industry can embrace innovation to educate people not only about their health and fitness but also about the health of the planet, notes Australian Fitness Network.


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