H&M fashions clothing with nylon waste salvaged from oceans

Mar 01, 2018, 7:04 AM EST
(Source: Mike Mozart/flickr)
(Source: Mike Mozart/flickr)

Fashion giant H&M is walking the talk on going green by 2040 with its latest clothing line, called The Conscious Exclusive collection 2018, fashioned from nylon waste salvaged from oceans and landfills.

H&M, one of the biggest culprits promoting ecologically unsustainable fast fashion, has been cleaning up its acts with a slew of green measures of late, writes Green Matters.

In addition to producing ECONYL yarn from 100 percent regenerated nylon waste, the company accepts old-clothing drop off at its stores and recycles whatever it can as part of its “take back” program.

H&M’s latest effort to roll out sustainable fashion reflects how focusing on development and innovation can yield spectacular results, notes Just Style.