Reliance on renewables alone is literally a “costly” mistake

Feb 28, 2018, 6:47 AM EST
(Source: minoru karamatsu (柄松稔)/flickr)
(Source: minoru karamatsu (柄松稔)/flickr)

According to a study published in Energy & Environmental Science, relying entirely on renewable resources like solar and wind, could wastefully bloat the cost of energy overhaul owing to the need to set up many more power generation facilities and energy storage systems.

The study proposes that the cities with plans to switch to 100 percent renewables should rather meet their power demands with a mix of renewables and other clean options such as nuclear power and fossil-fuel plants with carbon-capture technology, a solution that would shield them against massive expense on storage and transmission of power, notes MIT Technology Review.

Energy options like nuclear or natural gas with carbon capture can be ramped up or down to meet the fluctuating demand unlike solar and wind power which is intermittent in nature and would require additional arrangements to avert blackouts.