Floating cities: A buoyant response to climate change

Feb 26, 2018, 6:49 AM EST
(Source: https://www.seasteading.org)
(Source: https://www.seasteading.org)

Polar ice sheets are waning off more rapidly than ever, and rising sea levels pose serious threat to a big population. As entrepreneurs focus on finding innovative ways to address the threat, a California nonprofit, the Seasteading Institute, is cruising with its plan to develop floating cities in the South Pacific.

These floating islands, touted as nautical version of a special economic zone, allow sustainable use of the most ignored part of the planet, the coastal and marine areas, notes The New York Times.

The advocates of floating cities claim these “semi-independent” colonies would be free from governments’ snail pace policies and interference, offering a thriving ground for testing new governance models and technologies without restrictions, writes Mail Online.