“Taming the Sun” tracks the hunt for artificial leaf

Feb 26, 2018, 6:41 AM EST
(Source: ..Russ../flickr)
(Source: ..Russ../flickr)

Varun Sivaram, a physicist and fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, gives us an insight into diverging research paths adopted by two rival scientists in pursuit of developing an artificial leaf that could mimic plants’ incredible ability to produce energy from sunlight, water and air.

Sivaram’s book, Taming the Sun, follows the research work of Nathan Lewis at Caltech and Daniel Nocera at Harvard University, both attempting to harvest solar energy in the form of a fuel that can be stored and used when needed, writes MIT Technology Review.

At the center of these researches lies the need to respond to the looming threat of an overburdened Earth, depleted of its resources and unable to sustain with just the plants’ natural mechanism to feed the world, notes Spin Off.