China shrugs off criticism over Jinping’s power grab

Feb 26, 2018, 6:02 AM EST
Chinese President Xi Jinping is set for an indefinitely long tenure.
(Source: Foreign and Commonwealth Office/flickr)

Faced with widespread criticism over scrapping a two-term limit on presidential service, China has launched a campaign to counter the backlash with moves such as blocking some articles and promoting the others that praise the ruling Communist Party’s decision.

The proposal, almost certain to be approved next month by delegates loyal to the party, sets the stage for President Xi Jinping to cling on to the power indefinitely, which critics call, a step towards tyranny like the one in neighboring North Korea, writes Reuters.

The Global Times, Communist Party’s mouthpiece, asserted that the proposed amendment in the Chinese constitution doesn’t mean the president will have a lifelong tenure, notes The Guardian.