Five unexpected ways AI could be a savior for world

Feb 23, 2018, 6:58 AM EST
(Source: Many Wonderful Artists/flickr)
(Source: Many Wonderful Artists/flickr)

As evidence about the destructive force of artificial intelligence continues to surface with studies and practical experiences, the other side of the coin is often deprived of the attention it deserves. Despite AI’s potential to unleash a new form of cyber attack or turn drones into guided missiles, it presents five unexpected ways to save the world.

According to Manufacturing Business Technology, DataRPM, predictive maintenance with the help of AI technology can alleviate risks for U.S. employees exposed to health and safety threats at workplace.

AI’s ability to collect, sift and organize mind-boggling amounts of data can play a critical role in saving the environment, management of urban infrastructure, addressing human rights around the world and much more, writes Entrepreneur.