This startup is fixing digital divide with Internet blimps

Feb 22, 2018, 7:20 AM EST

Bringing web access to more than half of the world that still lacks internet infrastructure has been a headache for information technologists. Altaeros, a startup backed by Japanese telecommunications giant SoftBank, is offering an innovative and economical solution - Internet Blimps - to carry Internet to remote rural areas.

These autonomous blimps, tethered to the ground and floating at around 250 meters, would beam internet up to 10,000 sq. km. of space, an area covered by 20 to 30 ground-based towers, notes Futurism.

The project, which bears a certain degree of resemblance to Alphabet’s Project Loon, could be a welcome effort for underserved communities even if it offers a makeshift connectivity solution, writes Motherboard.

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