Startup wants to monetize your genes on blockchain

Feb 19, 2018, 6:24 AM EST
(Source: Karl-Ludwig Poggemann/flickr)
(Source: Karl-Ludwig Poggemann/flickr)

Renowned geneticist and molecular engineer George Church has teamed up with a group of Harvard graduates for an idea that will let individuals earn cryptocurrency in exchange for allowing pharma companies use their genomic data.

Church’s startup, called Nebula Genomics, will sequence people’s genomic data for less than $1,000 and secure it using blockchain technology while allowing people to directly sell this information to drug and pharma companies, writes MIT Technology Review.

The model has twofold benefits – it eliminates the middlemen companies between data owners and data buyers and secondly, it offers a detailed insight into an individual’s genetic makeup alerting them about disease risks, notes Bloomberg Quint.